Three Significant Components of a Resume

December 30, 2018 | BY Boris Nandi


Are you too thinking about recreating a shining new resume to replace the boring, outdated one that is unnecessarily occupying your computer storage? You are surely not alone! Your resume is the most essential part of your job application process. It is the major determinant of the success of any job hunting endeavour that you may embark upon.

You surely do not want to miss a golden opportunity to market yourself as the favourable candidate for your prospective job by making an outstanding impression through your resume.

Confused about what makes the ideal resume that will help you excel? Here are three different components that together make up the perfect resume for any type of job:

1. A Play On Words

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Your resume is a window into not only your qualifications, experience and achievements, but it also offers an insight into your personality and how you perceive different things. For example, shrugging off your high school job as a sales assistant may not be that good of a decision.

However, a play on words, describing that job in a creative way and the lessons and skills it taught you can make you seem like a great asset to your recruiters. The marketing and communication skills acquired during this time being can be very valuable for a range of jobs. It is all about how you choose to state the most insignificant of things, turning it into a great learning experience.

Consult a resume writing service if you have to, but make sure that everything is described in a creative and passionate manner.

2. Design, Design, Design!

The design is one of the most important aspects of a resume. It is the power tool that can effortlessly transform your resume from mundane and boring to exciting and promising. This is one aspect of your resume that must be invested in. You can browse online through several layouts and templates for both resumes and cover letters.

Online services such as ResumeHub offer a vast variety of such templates and layouts for you to choose from according to your wants and needs.

3. Include Comprehensive yet Concise Content

This is one point that you surely would want to pay attention to. A long resume, although descriptive, can cause the recruiter to become annoyed, causing them to read only parts of it. What’s more, it leaves a somewhat negative impression as it shows that you lack the basic skill of summarising.

On the other hand, short and concise texts can easily be skimmed and read through quickly. They also maintain the interest of the viewer and increases the likelihood of the whole of your resume being read.

However little work experience you may have, if you have these three important features in your resume, you can surely excel in your job application process as a well-drafted resume will only serve to amplify your commitment.

Make sure to follow the above directions and success will surely greet you at your doorstep. You can consult online services such as ResumeHub, which offer a range of facilities regarding resumes, including design templates, layouts and writing services!

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